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Tenant Portal

Import Tenant Events

ProLink Solutions provides the option to import tenant events from a file. 

Property owner/managers can enter tenant events at whatever frequency the agency business process dictates, whether annually, quarterly, or even monthly. For example, if the agency's deadline is March 30, then property owners/managers can add events for the 2018 compliance review period throughout 2018 and until March 30, 2019. 

The Import Tenant Events screen allows you to bulk upload tenant event data. You can import the tenant events if you use property management software to enter the tenant data. In this case, you generate an XML file that you can upload to the Tenant Portal. This import process accepts any XML file, regardless of the source, that follows the National Affordable Housing Management Association (NAHMA) HFA LIHTC Data Transfer Standard format. 


Refer to the following site to help understand the NAHMA data transfer standard. The Archives section includes information about older versions.

Beginning with XML version 7, you can import data for average income properties. The imported records will include both tenant event records and the AIT Unit Designation, Qualified Group of Units, and Applicable Fraction Group records.


We highly recommend using version 7 for average income properties to ensure efficient compliance evaluation. Otherwise, beginning in 2024, owner/agents will need to enter the designations manually. For more information about average income test designations, see Average Income Designations in the Tenant Portal.

Each time you import tenant events for a given compliance period, the tenant event records are replaced, not duplicated. 


If you added tenant events manually, and then you import tenant events, the import process deletes all tenant events (including the ones manually added) and then imports the tenant events from the XML file.

During the import process, the event is matched to the unit by Property Name, Building Address, BIN, and Unit Number. An exact match must be made before each tenant event is imported. 


For the HOME program, a match on the Building BIN is not required.

  1. Click View Tenant Events for the compliance period to view its units and tenant events.

    The List Units screen opens.

  2. Click Import Tenant Events.

    The Import Tenant Events screen opens.

  3. Click Choose File, and then use the File Explorer window to select the XML file to upload.

  4. Click Upload.

    The Tenant Portal processes the file. The Import History grid shows the results of all files you have imported for the compliance period, with the most recent import at the top.

    While tenant events are being imported (pending or processing status), you cannot edit tenant events.

    The import process either completes, with the tenant events imported, or completes with errors. If it completes with errors, correct the errors in the XML file and retry the import process. See the list of common errors.


    The system updates the program for Move Out and Transfer Out events with the program from the previous event, if the previous event Unit Type is Low Income and Program Type is LIHTC or HOME.


    Remember to validate and submit the tenant events to the agency!

Table 1. Import Result Examples




Example of import that completed successfully

Note the informational messages that might appear even for imports that are successful


Example of import that completed with errors because the XML does not match the NAHMA's published XSD (format of file)


Example of import that completed with errors because of missing information in the XML file