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Tenant Portal

Tenant Events in the Tenant Portal

The property owner/manager uses the Tenant Portal to upload tenant event data, which the agency Compliance Officer then evaluates for program compliance. 

Within the Tenant Portal, you will add or import tenant events, and then validate and submit the tenant events.

You can also view and maintain unit designations for average income properties.

Access Tenant Events in the Tenant Portal


The agency Compliance Officer must invite the property owner/manager to the Procorem WorkCenter before the property owner/manager will be able to access tenant events in the Tenant Portal.

  1. Log into Procorem with your email address and password.

  2. Navigate to the WorkCenter. You might see the WorkCenter in the list of recent accounts/WorkCenters in the left navigation panel. Alternatively, click My Accounts in the left navigation panel, select the account, and then select the WorkCenter.

  3. Click Tenant Portal in the left navigation panel.

  4. You can see an entry for each compliance period the Compliance Officer created for the property.



    Take note of the tenant event submission deadline so that you know when tenant events are due to the agency.